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Events » Early Career Faculty Development Session

For the first time since the beginning Hilton Head Workshop in 1984, we are offering a special session on early career faculty development. This session, targeting senior graduate students, postdocs, and junior faculty members in our community, aims to offer relevant guidance and advice for new faculty as well as those who aspire to become faculty members.

There is an old Serbian adage which says, "The morning shows how the day will be." This means that every beginning is extremely important and provides a strong indication of how things will progress in the future. Tenure clock is typically six or seven years long, and it is crucial to take the right steps and have the proper guidance from the very beginning in order to increase the likelihood of success. Having early career awards from major funding agencies is definitely a significant stride in the right direction.

In this session, we are bringing in Program Directors from the three major funding agencies that have financed the work in our field (NSF, NIH, and DARPA). These program directors are going to give significant information and some pointers on how to apply for career grants from their agencies. They will outline the major aspects that they are looking for and how to enhance the chances for success.

Stephen Senturia
MIT, Emeritus

Following this segment of our session, the legendary Prof. Stephen Senturia will offer successful career advice and insights. Prof. Senturia was with our Hilton Head Solid-State Microsensors and Actuators Workshop from its inception, and he has an abundance of both professional and life experience that he is more than willing to share with all of us.

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